Here is an example of HTML usage of the player:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="player_mp3.swf" width="200" height="20">
     <param name="movie" value="player_mp3.swf" />
     <param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=test.mp3" />


Parameter nameParameter description
mp3 The URL of the MP3 file to be played.
autoplay 1 to auto-play
loop 1 to loop.
volume The initial volume, between 0 and 200.
skin The URL of the JPEG file (not progressive) to load
showstop 1 to show the STOP button.
showinfo 1 to show the INFO button.
loadingcolor The color of loading bar
bgcolor1 The first color of the background gradient
bgcolor2 The second color of the background gradient
buttoncolor The color of the buttons
buttonovercolor Hover color of buttons
slidercolor1 The first color of the bar gradient
slidercolor2 The second color of the bar gradient
sliderovercolor Hover color of the bar
textcolor The text color.
bgcolor The background color
byteslimit If it is a mp3 streaming, the stream will restart at the bytes limit, for prevent overload.

Keyboard shortcuts

P Play/Pause
S Stop
left 5 seconds backward
right 5 seconds forward